Forged In Faith – Part 8

        Forged In Faith: Part 8 All right well I am excited to be with you guys today to share the word. We've been in the book of James this summer and it has been a great reminder of how to do this thing called faith. Last week Rev Jim talked about

Forged in Faith – Part 2

        Forged In Faith: Part 2 Amen, it's a really great video that Sherry found that reminds us that that it is about. You know, how we want to live our lives. How do we want to be this thing called a disciple in our lives? And so that's what this is

Forged in Faith – Part 1

          Forged In Faith: Part 1 So glad to have you. Oh, what a beautiful song and hope that places a little bit of hope in your own heart and certainly a lot of faith in a God that loves you. Today we're moving into a new sermon series called Forged

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