At Overcome Church we know how special Easter is.  But it’s much more than just coming on Easter Sunday…it’s experiencing the entire week that leads up to this special day.  The church calls this Holy Week!  Below you will find out how to experience Holy Week for you and your family. 


  • Blessed Is The King Of Israel

    Palm Sunday

    On Palm Sunday we celebrate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. The celebration was incredible. For Jesus it would begin His walk to the cross, and our road to salvation. Begin the journey with us, and watch your life be changed! This services will be in Canton at 10AM on Sunday, and in Peachtree City at 4pm.

  • Eat, Drink, Remember Me

    Maundy Thursday

    On Maundy Thursday Jesus celebrates Holy Communion with His disciples. He also gives them the last and greatest command, "Love one another as I have loved you." Maundy is Latin for "commandment." This is a special night as we take Holy Communion together, and remember why Jesus went to the cross for all of was because of LOVE! The service will be online at 7:00PM on our Facebook and YouTube page.

  • It Is Finished

    Good Friday

    On Good Friday we remember Jesus' crucifixion. On this day He died for our sins. This is a powerful service that will remember Jesus' last words. Service will be online at 7:00PM on our Facebook and YouTube page.

  • He is risen!

    Easter Sunday!

    On this day we celebrate our risen Lord. The grave has been conquered, and death has been overcome. A new life begins for us all. Come celebrate with us, and enjoy an incredible day of love, life, and grace! Our services will be in person in Canton at 10am, and in Peachtree City at 4pm.

ONLINE SERVICES:  If you can’t make the services in person we will have Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Services online as well.  You can find them on our Facebook page HERE!  Or you can view on our YouTube channel HERE!