At Overcome Church we know how special Easter is.  But it’s much more than just coming on Easter Sunday…it’s experiencing the entire week that leads up to this special day.  The church calls this Holy Week!  Below you will find out how to experience Holy Week for you and your family.  


HOWEVER, due to the Corona outbreak we will be worshipping online for most of Holy Week.  Check our out times and days for when we worship during this incredible week of love, sacrifice, and resurrection!


*All online services can be found on our Facebook Page, Website Page, or Youtube Page.



  • He is risen!

    Easter Sunday!

    On this day we celebrate our risen Lord. The grave has been conquered, and death has been overcome. A new life begins for us all. Come celebrate with us, and enjoy an incredible day of love, life, and grace! We will have an online SUNRISE SERVICE at 7AM. We, also, will be having our main service online at our Facebook page at 10AM.

STAY AT HOME SUNRISE SERVICE:  Tune in online at our Facebook page, Website Page, or Youtube page, and enjoy the miracle of Easter with your family close at hand.  You might want to go out on your deck, front yard, or wherever and feel the excitement of this morning in the cool crisp air.  We can’t wait to be with you!  Service starts at 7AM.

ONLINE SERVICES:  We will be having our main Easter service at 10am on Easter Morning.  You can find it on our Facebook page HERE!