At Overcome Church we view families just a little bit differently…well…maybe A LOT differently!  In our 40 years of combined ministry service we have seen how the current model of family ministry needs a lot of work.  That is why we have deliberately gone in a different direction for our kids and students.


WHAT WE BELIEVE:  First, we believe that worship is essential above anything else.  Typically, we drop our kids off and the parents worship by themselves.  At Overcome Church we know this doesn’t create discipleship in our children.  So we have developed a pretty cool way for kids to enjoy worship, and feel a part of the service.  We call it ONE!  In One worship we involve the kids in collecting the tithe for the day.  We allow them to help serve Communion.  We let them speak and read scripture.  We encourage them to pray over the congregation.  Then we celebrate them for all they do.  They will have a chance to come up front and be with one of our pastors for a moment that will speak to their heart.  They will get to sing some songs with the church.  Essentially, they will experience worship as ONE with the family and bigger congregation, and they will leave feeling valued, loved, and important.  Then, during the message from the pastor they will be dismissed for 30 minutes to engage in the same message the adults hear, but on their level.  This becomes important because the parents get to discuss, apply, and nurture their children throughout the week with the same information the child learned.  It’s called ONE and we know that it makes disciples, instead of fans!


Check out the rhythm of our ONE WORSHIP service below.


On the first Sunday of each month we will serve Holy Communion. Here the kids will help read the liturgy, be a part of the ritual, and help pass out Communion to the church. What better way to help them understand this beautiful gift than to serve it themselves!

The second Sunday of each month the kids will be focused on the message. After the children's moment, on of our pastors will begin the message and the kids will be dismissed to their own learning moment. It is there they will be able to hear what the adults will learn in their own language. That way the family can engage in the lesson throughout the week!

On the third Sunday, the kids will learn a new song in worship. This song will be one that they then will perform in front of the church in the following weeks. They will actually lead worship and glorify God!

On the last Sunday of the month, the kids will engage in a mission project for our community.