Forged In Faith: Part 2

Amen, it’s a really great video that Sherry found that reminds us that that it is about. You know, how we want to live our lives. How do we want to be this thing called a disciple in our lives? And so that’s what this is all about.

That’s what this forged in faith series is all about we’re looking at how we can solidify our faith stand on something firm be the people that God is called us to be and forged in faith is going to do that just that we learned last week that you know, trials are so important James starts out the book with how we are supposed to move through trials and rejoice and with this two little words called wisdom and faith.

We learn that we can overcome anything and that God can create anything in us that we can be a testimony that we can be a witness in this world that we live in for other people to see so I hope that you were able to look at your trials a little bit differently and step into that forging process of wisdom and faith in your own life.

You know, we want to look at another part of James chapter one. We’re going to look at the second half of chapter one today and it’s there that we understand that James is trying to forge our faith into something very beautiful.

You know, I started thinking about metal and you know the forging process of metal and how you know, when when you want to take a useless piece of metal just a lump of metal. You have to forge it. You have to heat it up. You have to make it soft and when you make it soft you then mold it into so you beat it in hammer it into something that has usefulness.

And yeah, that’s pliable and so, you know and I started really thinking about that. What does it mean for us to be useful the same process in our own life?

How do we go from useless to useful?

How do you think in our heart we all know we all know that’s the desire of our heart to be useful. In fact, we talked we have a lot our church makeup and both locations a lot of retirees and you know, you find yourself and we’re knocking closer to that side of chapter of our life that people we we see that you know, you’ve had an identity you’ve had a career, you know you retire and it’s kind of like now what and that’s when the depths of our souls crying out saying I know I’m here for a purpose. I’m not quite sure what it is yet.

I’ve spent my whole life taking care of my family taking care of, you know, maybe you’re aging parents taking care of a career and a business and now I have I’m retired and I have all this time on my hands and I’m really struggling to to be forged into this thing that I was really called to be from the moment. I took my first breath but the world got in and we started running in what we need to do.

Well James. Yeah, James understands that I mean, he’s got people he’s got men and women that are new in the faith that that are trying to put away this thing called the world just as we are today. I find how productive they can be as new Christians. And so that is a question. We’re gonna ask today, you know, we want you to ask yourself that it’s dangerous question.

How useful are you or how you really want to know? Do you really James is gonna really and so that’s that’s a horrible question to ask ourselves because this is always the case that happens. It’s you know, when we really ask how useful am I we can hear Satan he’ll jump in immediately and say useless. Oh good the mistakes of your past all these different things the failures all these things you didn’t do and so what so you could be you’re doing fine.

Just keep it up, you know because as he knows if you really were Unleashed in that call right that you could be a mighty Force for the kingdom of heaven so he can twist it either way. So the measurement though that James tells us about if you really want to measure your usefulness if you really want to ask that question, which is a question that God is asking you to ask yourself.

If you really want to ask that question. You need to hear it out of James. You need to hear the measuring sticks so to speak and it comes out of James chapter 1 and we’re gonna start in verse 19. So hit that hard Emoji hit that like Emoji if you got your Bibles out if you’re ready to hear God’s word. If you’re ready to get your toes stepped on a little bit you might get to get them hacked off. Who knows. I mean, this is gonna be a prickly, you know, that forging process. Yeah. This is gonna burn a little bit. I think so here God’s word. This is what James says. This is how we’re to measure what we are my are usefulness.

James 1: 19-27 (NIV)

19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. 21 Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.

22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. 23 Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror 24 and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. 25 But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.

26 Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. 27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.


So here we have James telling us and telling us a lot of scripture a lot of scripture. When we do challenge you to go back and read it every day this week just reread over it because there’s a lot of nuggets in there that you could spend time focusing and we’re gonna look at a couple of things in this chapter. They’re the biggest things but these points we believe truly will allow us to see in your own personal life in our lives as well.

How each one of us is becoming useful for the kingdom of God being used by God and allowing God to use us as Witnesses in this world. So and this is the first thing James says to his people be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to anger in this sort of hits us all just like a a concrete brick on our head because none of us are good at this when you think about, you know, all of us feel this overwhelming.

Like everything’s in chaos right now and you look at the world. It’s like, you know political circles are a hot mess religious circles are hot mess. I look at I look at everything is overwhelming and well and you can’t have an educated conversation anymore like you we don’t listen to what other people because we’re polarized and what we believe and we listen to commentaries and we listen to new sources and we listen to social media pages that actually mirror what we believe and then we don’t listen to what’s happening on the other side of what we believe and that’s where when we follow it. James says say that again it says we’ll be quick to listen.

The first thing he says is listen. I mean, I used to tell the kids and children’s worship, you know as a God gave you two ears and one mouth so Double turn that up first listen first before you speak.

And then he says slow to speak and slow to anger if you listen first. To what someone has to say right then the holy spirit gives you compassion to then begin to understand and it slows down your thought process of what you actually say and then if youare angry and you don’t agree, you know, the Lord just kind of processes it right you listen, you put it in your head you put it in your heart and all that happens before something actually comes out of yeah.

There’s there’s an example of that. Remember he said in The Parables for all who have ears listen and and Jesus was constantly asking as a disciples the first listen to God to hear God to fall in love with God first for God to be the first thing that they sewed in their heart like with the parable the sower that the word of God is being sown in your heart and your spirit and allow that to grow good and then I mean if you think about it when Jesus was falsely accused and and treated horribly, I mean he hardly spoke and if he did speak even on the cross, he spoke words of forgiveness and words of Grace forgive them for they know not what they do.

And so I believe that In all of what Jesus did he modeled and showed us exactly what it meant for the father to take possession of his heart for the father to to lead his words for the father to direct his emotions and and do all those things and yet now we go down the road. We see people jumping out of cars and you know creating an MMA moment a boxing moment where we have zero of that we we can’t control ourselves and I think the reason James is asking is people to do this in such a purposeful way and in such a candid way. It’s because when we’re when we start to look at what we believe is an impossible task for us to to listen.

First listen stop just shut your mouth for a little while. He shut your mouth slow to speak and then really controlling your anger and all these situations. It’s for one purpose only and that’s so that love can be born between you and me that when we get into art. We don’t get into arguments with trees. We don’t get into arguments with stop signs.

We don’t we get into difficulties with one another and James is asking us to deal with those difficulties in a very biblical way and a very kingdom of God way and that is so that we don’t hurt one another John Wesley said this do you know harm do good stay in love with God the three simple principles that there is a simple prayer and I love that rhymes. The Methodist churches is is Guided by yeah. I mean that that’s that’s That’s his his three steps to a holy life three steps.

Do you no harm

Do good

Stay in love with God

Do no harm first do no harm and I think about like in my own life. Usually, I am not tending to the soil on my heart. Usually, I’m not in the word of God when something sets me off right when something offends me when something upsets me when something disturbs me when something distresses me whenever

I just feel like it I’m out of control and I have that meltdown. We all have our meltdown moments. Yes, we do. You’re not human if you don’t have them, but you know when we have those meltdown moments, that’s that moment that if we can just stop and listen. Listen to that still Small Voice. Okay, what’s really going on? What’s really going on?

Then all of a sudden that heightened moment before we’ve now vomited that on everybody around us because the truth is sometimes when we’re in a situation where that’s happening, you know, if you just kind of pull back and you think wow something’s really happening in that person’s life and sometimes all they need is a little bit of compassion, you know to say you go aheadand you know what I mean or just just they need help and they don’t know how to cry out for it and sometimes we’re that same place.
We don’t know how to ask for help but we’ve got to go back to that still Small Voice. Listen, listen to the voice of God right be slow to speak and slow to anger. Oh changes are yeah. It really does. Everything Paul says this in

Ephesians 4:29 (ESV): Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

And so every moment even in the moments that we’re struggling with another person. Even we would hurt by another person Paul is saying let no corrupting talk come out of your mouth. It’s it’s in these moments that really when whether you’ve been hurt by somebody or whether you’ve hurt somebody every situation every word that you use should be carefully crafted so that it builds another human being on.

I mean if someone’s made a mistake, you know someone I watched a pastor when I was a Ministry with the church, I watched the pastor who was you know, this person had gone through a difficult time and instead of wanting to help this person that Pastor. I mean, this is the first time anything had ever happened that he was willing to strip every responsibility from this person and I’ve always thought that man, you know, why don’t you first have a conversation with the person want to eat first see what’s going on with the person.  Why don’t you first get some you know, maybe there’s maybe this was just understanding of private. Yes something that we’re not.

No, this person was quick to tie the person to the stakes set fire and burn and the church. Is well known for for doing that to people but but I kept thinking where was the where was the occasion of building up? Where is the play? Where were the words of Grace? Where were the words that that wanted to to really hear that person’s situation.

Now if that person is a repeat offender if that person has abused and undermined and done all these different things. Then that might be a place with other people involved to help discern but man every single time we’re around people this is these should be the words and that means again we have to listen we have to be slow to speak and we have to certainly, you know, try to combat the anger that’s within us but it all gets down to this.

I don’t think any of that can be accomplished that James is talking about because he says it, you know, we want you to do this and then he says this at the very end of that therefore in

James 1:21 (NIV) Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.

So that’s the word humbly.

I think we we failed to walk with humility. And I think if we all humbled ourselves right that you know, we are worthy of a savior dying for us and so is every human being that has breath and so when we start to walk with humility and I think that’s a word that we we often think.

Well, you know, if someone’s humbled then they’re not strong or they’re not brave or they’re not courageous. Actually. It’s quite the opposite when someone is humble, they’re very much aware of the need that they have for the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. And with that there’s a greater strength there. They allowing the presence of the Holy Spirit right there in that situation. They are being forced right and implyable and that humility allows them to see their flaws and see their Brokenness and see their hatred and see their anger and see their jealousy and see those fruits of the flesh right and then when we can see it identify it that’s when the fruits of the spirit can come in and do a work. Yeah and So we’re so the question for us.

All is is James says where is the filth that that is that is allowing you to what filth is allowing you to be quickly angered. What filth is allowing you to speak before listening. What is the filth and a lot of times if we have really observe our heart and humility.

You know Paul, I mean, excuse me. James is talking about allowing the word which can do which is two things. It can be planted into your heart the word of God can overcome anything in your life God’s word. It’s alive and it’s it’s got a heartbeat and once you allow that to be playing in your heart all the sudden you start to meditate on those things you allow those things to come alive and stuff the other the filth that’s in all of our hearts when you allow that to overcome those things like anger jealousy hatred and all that stuff you start to lead a different life.

But also James says, it’s not only something that comes from the outside and moves into you but it’s already in you as Paul would say these, you know, this is written on your heart already deep down inside we know anger is not the answer. Do you sound inside we know a lot of times nine times out of 10.

The reaction is an overreaction and we should have shut up and we should have just listened and we should have done all these things. But we didn’t we we let our emotions take over when we know the we know the spirit is already within us speaking to us. So We have a very powerful thing that I love how you use the word Plant because the seed has to be planted into the depths of the soil and then it breaks right?

And in that breaking that’s where we have that that forging right that breaking of that seed is where that blood starts to grow and then life New Life Starts to happen. And you know, I know a lot of times whenever I’ve said something quickly when I’ve been quick to speak and haven’t had time never process and thank you never with me, but then there’s an apology then there’s always an apology but the truth is you’ve already spoken it right so we can forgive but it’s really hard for us to forget and so, you know the tongue in fact, I think there’s a scripture in here.

You probably are getting ready to get to it. We’re at the tongue, you know can either Speak life or death. And so we want it to speak life right that that’s the fruit of the Kingdom of Heaven is life. And so we have to be slow quick first listen and To speak because if we speak too quickly once it’s said it’s out there and yeah, we can say I forgive you but did I really forget it, you know and then when when our life or the other person’s life is in a vulnerable spot we start to think about those things. Yeah, you can’t you the your spirit my spirit cannot bear good and bad fruit at the same time.

It does one of the other and that’s why James says you have to get rid of the the dead branches. You have to prune you have to get rid of the filth that’s already in your heart. If you’re dealing with anger issues, you’re dealing with hatred and resentment. It’s time to get rid of that by by yeah, go to counseling but the word of God is the a great first of all the soul just yeah just allow that word to take root in your heart.

And I promise you those things start to melt away and with the power of the spirit that lives within you anything is possible. So James really wants this first thing to happen in our lives, you know that this is a great measuring stick of whether you have been useful in this life or you just allow Anger and hatred and resentment and you’re you know, I don’t care what people say. I’m going to speak my mind whenever I want to do whatever I want to you know, what that you probably haven’t been that useful and really James says start to allow your spirit to be useful to the kingdom.

And this first step is the way to do it. You know, I start to look at the second thing though. He says he says do not merely don’t not only do you want to have yours that listen all you do you want to you know be slow to speak but you want to certainly control your anger combine this with this next thing he says he says do not merely listen to the word and so to see yourself do what it says and that’s going to be I didn’t put the scripture that’s gonna be scripture verse 22 James 1:22, we’re supposed to not only hear the word.

Okay that’s planet in our horse, but we’re also supposed to do what it says. Now when we start thinking about that I start thinking about hypocrites I start thinking about this is exactly the Pharisees exactly what Jesus was dealing with when he was dealing with that. religious oppressive religious system that he was trying to set his people free from there plenty of people political religious leaders that want you to believe that Pious men of God or women of God holy holier than you are and yet they deal with their demons and they deal with the things that they don’t want anybody else to see and and there really aren’t doers of the word. They’re they’re just readers of it.

Okay, and and so reading and doing must go together when you see what God is asking to be through the reading of the word James says to start putting that into practice The Living Word must become a thing that you’re doing in this life. And that’s almost just as hard as the first isn’t it? Yeah, because we love control of our own lives.

We love to hold on to our own lives. We when Jesus says love our enemy my goodness. You know what? Yeah. I Love My Enemy when it’s convenient or when it feels good or when it’s not painful. And so the word when the word is planted in our heart the word is asking you to go deeper the word is asking you to to truly go to to the core of what it really means and that is to love people as Jesus even your enemy.

Pray for them. Even the people that strike you on one. She let him strike the other they take your cloak give them your tunic. I mean Jesus is saying you have to go to the to the 10th degree when you really allowing the word of God to take root in your heart. And when you really wanted to live by it, you need to start doing it every single day of every single week of every single month of your life. Now Jeff Paul.

I mean See Jane will compare James will compare that to looking into a mirror, right? Yeah. I love that and he gives us so there was no glass back then right so I had no they only had polished metal to see and to see into polish metal. They really didn’t get a good look at who they were. They they saw the still story kind of look and it’s almost like, you know a lot of times if you think about it. This is what you’ve done and this is what I’ve done we’ve read the word done our morning devotionals. Then we go out in the world and we forget it.

We don’t do it and that’s exactly what it’s like you forget what you look like when you look into the mirror you go out you say, okay look up looking fine. And then You go out and you’re like you just forget what you look like. You forget who you are. You forget who’s claims you forget your last name, you know image of the mirror because they didn’t have what we have today. So the visual was distorted but I think about when we look in the mirror.

Dove actually did a campaign that was so beautiful and it was you know, someone would sit down and video we have and they would sit down and describe. You know, what they look like to an artist and they would draw an illustration and then they would have someone that they met just briefly on the street describe the exact same person and it was a more beautiful image actually of the individual who described themselves and that was said that we because this is why I think and that’s why I think James tells us that when we look in the mirror, right?

We see when when people meet us they actually they’re not sizing us up the way we think right. They’re looking at our spirit and what we’re are we are we a joyful person. Are we a happy person are we someone that they want to be around?

Repulsive and angry and they don’t want to get anywhere near you. They’re not looking at the things when we look in the mirror. We’re looking at all the flaws, you know, we’re looking at all the issues and all the things that we think should look differently just like in the Dove commercial that’s exactly what it was. It’s like the person describing themselves.

So all the flaws where the complete stranger saw their spirit and they saw the life that came through and so in the 80s, there was a gentleman who wrote The Man in the Mirror. It was a huge book series that was used for discipleship for men.

And it was pretty much a guy who did really well in real estate blew it out of the water and everything kind of Tanked and he was left with looking at his own image in the mirror and he wasn’t the success that he used to be but he really started digging into who he was in Christ and that changed everything and so I think the image of the mirror when we look in the mirror, yeah, what do we see?

We see those flaws and we see those things that we wish maybe were a little different and I’m not talking like, you know the structure of our face or they have we know when we look in the mirror if we’re depressed if we’re anxious if we’re worried if you’re struggling if we’re angry we see it in the reflection, right?

And so I think what he’s trying to explain to us, that’s so powerful is that when we walk away from it that we take that humility of that flawed visual in the mirror and we take it out into the world because if we walk out with this Pious, you know Holiness this religious leader, Thing because we’re Christians right people don’t see the humility of our heart and that we’re all struggling and dealing with broken things in our life.

And so I think that changes things when we take that image of humility of what we see out into the world people then are drawn to Christ right? Not through anything we say but just through who we are. Yeah, so the call yes.

So the question is are you a do or of the word or just a reader of the word and I think that that’s evident in the fruit that you bear every single day. I think that’s evident in the and you looking in the mirror and saying Lord am I useful? How can I be useful to you? What how can I fulfill my purpose?

How can I truly use the gifts that I’ve been gifted with every single day and that means that you have to go out in the world with a heart of love with a heart that slow to anger with a heart that’s slow to speak with a heart that’s really ready to listen and become a good listener because there are so many broken people in the world that Mind to discover how to live life you’ve discovered it because you found that your lord and savior there.

They’re trying to discover it. They’re trying to understand how to move through their own issues and we’re supposed to be true image bearers of that of what it really looks like to to be loved by God and and how we how we live in that walk and when James talks about that he says all this is pointing to something when we’re able to do this first two things that we talked about, you know slow to anger, you know slow to speak great listener and then doers of the word those are pointing to something and this is what it is in scripture.

It’s James 1:26 through 27 those then who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rain on their tongue to seed themselves and their religion is worthless religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless. Is this. All right.

So I’m gonna pause right there. I’m gonna tell you what that is just a second. But but really when you start to look at you know, who we are as a people collectively we see that religion, you know, we see people railing against religion well, One of them I I rail against man-made religion.

I rail against what the Pharisees did to Jesus and what they did to somebody we see the good the bad the other like I real.

Yeah, I rail against religious systems that want to oppress people. I’ve read I rail against people that are that are negligent in their duties as as they’re called to be really many stumbling blocks placed in front of beautiful people wanting to know more about you. Yeah. Yeah.

And so so remember when you are doing exactly what James says when you’re becoming useful by by opening up your ears closing your mouth and and shutting down your anger when you’re becoming useful by truly truly being a doer of the word and not perfect at it by any means, I’m not suggesting that you start to emulate a church that people want to be a part of you start to really allow people to see the heart of God.

You see you allow people see that there’s not judgment. There’s no There’s no condemnation. There’s there’s not a place where we will you know poke it the places that you’re stuck in, you know that we want to be able to lift you up and out that we want to let our words build you up and and poor Grace and forgiveness upon every situation that you’re facing and that’s exactly what what Jesus does with us. Jesus doesn’t meet us when we die and say, you know what? I I come on into heaven and let me remind you for eternity every mistake you made that I forgiven you forlet me remind you of exactly why you’re here because I forgiving you it’s wash clean, it’s fine.

No, yeah, it is totally forgotten. And so the church is to be that religious Center. All right, and when religion is done, well it people see it when it’s done poorly it as James would say when we don’t do this first two things religion, then becomes worthless. We are deceiving ourselves and the people that we’re leading and trying to love that’s so powerful religion.

God our Father accepts as pure and faultless. Is this to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world and you and I were talking about that orphans and widows were considered vulnerable vulnerable and that culture they were the most vulnerable but if you look now, you know, you can see there’s a lot of areas that we can add to James with that the orphans and the widows those that are homeless those that are on the streets.

And when we were talking about this earlier this week at this image came to mind of a friend that I worked with he came from California saw the homelessness out there moved here to Atlanta decided. I want to get involved in Ministry to the homeless in Atlanta.

So we started a mission Camp called him 25, which is you know, after Matthew 25 where it talks what you did for the least of these you did for me what Jesus says and so he before we started this Camp people from all over the South come to be a part of this a week serving the vulnerable the homeless in Atlanta and he took A backpack $5 took a backpack with what he could put in there and went to the Streets of Atlanta for the week to just live among the people.

He was going to be serving to really kind of have that heart of compassion and idea of what a struggle for someone that lives on the streets of Atlanta looks like and he gained a lot from that before he started his camp, but he said one day he went to a feeding Center.

We’re a church group had come and brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bologna sandwiches. And he asked if they had mustard or packet of mustard and the guy pretty much through the sandwich Adam and said you get what you get.

And he said that just broke my heart because I thought I’m representing the church, right? I’m really representing Jesus. But if that’s what the church is if that’s the work they’re doing out into the community, then it’s not attractive at all.

And then fast forward my daughter ends up interning with him one summer and they go to Safe House in Atlanta and she had learned, you know feet or an issue and a lot of cultures are an issue because they don’t have shoes and cuts and scrapes and causes disease and infection.

Well the homeless struggle with they were one pair of socks until somebody gives them a new pair and they don’t bathe and they don’t close. So the fiber the cotton from the sock actually begins to adhere to the skin of their feet and that’s how the sores are developed.

So he sends me a picture of my daughter at the safe house on the floor washing one of the guests feet on the homeless gentleman’s feet. And you know when I saw the picture and I saw her friend next to another washing someone else’s I mean, I just that’s what Jesus emulated for us.

You know, he says don’t just hear the word of God, but actually be the word of God. He actually became the word right the word became flesh. Jesus became flesh so we could actually see it and we can actually see what it looks like to be walked out. And so I look at that.

I can I’ll never unsee that visual image of my daughter watching that complete strangers foot. But the compassion you had the religious leader from a church that gave out the sandwich, but gave it out with the filthy heart a heart. That was just I’m here to make myself feel good because I’m doing something for somebody else but his heart wasn’t clean and then I look at a student, you know a 19 year old.

I’m sitting on the ground of a feeding Center a homeless shelter in Atlanta, Washington’s foot.

And what happened as a result of that compassion that overflowing of compassion was the guests. Said can we wash your feet? They emulated it. They were doers of the word and it was such a beautiful gift of compassion and love and grace that you don’t view me any differently than my Lord views me that they wanted to respond to that.

That’s the power of listening and being and doing the word. Is it becomes A seed that breaks forth, right and it becomes a piece of of metal that’s now been forged into a mighty sword the sword of truth.

And so that’s that’s I can see that visual image and just see James, you know, trying to communicate all over that. So the question is as we leave it today is what’s the condition of your heart? I mean and is your heart being useful.

Or the alternative useless and James really puts it clearly to us. What it what it the measurement what it’s very convicting what the measurement of our usefulness is are we do we have a heart that’s slow to anger. Do we have a heart that’s ready to listen.

Do we have a heart that’s that’s wanting to to stop speaking and in reaction and emotion and do we have a heart that really wants to be doer of the word or are we just sort of reading it and then forgetting it and then going out into the world with the control of our own ideas and our own thoughts and the way we should never yeah, we’re interact with other people.

Today is a great day to ask yourself. Am I useful?

How productive am I what kind of light am I bearing? Am I am I burning bright or am I barely being able to be seen by any extinguishing someone else’s life? And then then there’s the the cruelty of religion. Are you are you extinguishing because look we’re deceiving ourselves. If we’re not doing these two things the church is dead.

If we’re not doing these two things the church is just another organization filled with people if we’re not doing these two things that James talks about then then we’re not drawing anybody to something greater than us. We’re just drawing people to ourselves and and that doesn’t convict or change a heart.

The only thing that does is the very presence of Christ the the Prince of Peace the Lord of lords King of Kings the one that died for us on the cross and and that’s when you when you put that into your heart when you start to live out of that man all the sudden things begin to happen people begin to be changed and lives get to be trans.

Let’s all make that decision today to be useful. Let’s all try. Let’s let’s go. Let’s March into our churches to say, you know, what we’ve been stagnant long enough. Let’s let’s scream at our our let’s not screen. Let’s let’s pour truth into our religious leaders.

Let’s demand from our religious leaders. The love that Christ is asking the grace and the Forgiveness this that Christ gave us and let’s watch our Church’s turn. Let’s watch our churches again be leaders. Yes and our culture that that definitely Rising desperately needs a thousands a day. Yeah, we can we can be that again. Look at your heart see what it looks like and determine right now that you want to be useful for the kingdom. Let’s bow our heads in prayer

Father in Heaven. Gracious God. We thank James for being so bold with us father. We thank him for telling us the truth about who we are and we know deep down inside who we are. We know that we need to have a faith that’s now forged again and reforged.

And Father, it means that we will be slow to speak slow to anger and in real listeners of another human being.

It means that we will be not just hearers of the word readers of the word but doers of the word. It means we will love one another.

With not a filthy heart any longer, but with a heart. Born Again by your grace and forgiveness Father it’s time.

Now that we enter this world differently. Let us leave our houses to go into this world differently. To spread something differently. And let us shock people. Hmm. Let us shock people by the way. We listen by the way, we help by the way, we care. Father in the end you will call that useful. Well done good and faithful servant. So father use us now For Your Glory we ask this in Christ name and we say together. Amen.

Hey Church. Guess what? We love you. God bless you today.

We hope you have a great Father’s Day. Totally have hope you have a great Father’s day. It’s going to be hot.

It’s gonna be hotter as the week goes on summer. But get out. Enjoy God’s creation. Tell that Spirit special person today, whether it be it your father a biological or that Father Figure in your life that you matter to them and they matter to you and what they have done through their actions by truly being slow to speak slow to anger listen and quick to listen and a doer of the word that that is made all the difference in your life.

Hey, may God bless you.

Let me leave you with this blessing may the God of all of creation the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the community of the Holy Spirit be with you now and always, It may that Holy Spirit lead you to be useful yet again for the kingdom to love people. The way Christ has loved us. We pray this in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and we say together. Amen.

God bless. You. Keep you will see you again at 10 o’clock in Canton four clock in Peachtree City. Can’t wait to be with you guys live. Peace be with you always here for you. If you need us, just give us a shout. And again Happy Father’s Day.

Thanks for being a great Overcomer. We love you. Bye.