We all feel a sense of waiting! Waiting for a vaccine, waiting for the surge to go down, waiting for the pandemic to wane. However, in the waiting, the Lord can do a mighty work if we keep our vision on Him. The vision for Overcome Church was to get back to the basics as followers of Christ. The basics of the early church described in the book of Acts, chapter 2. With that said we begin our Lenten journey as a church growing in the areas that the Lord has already equipped us. Each and everyone has been given a gift and a passion that when ignited with the Holy Spirit becomes a purpose that fulfills our deepest cravings and is essential within the body of believers, His church. With that said, we want to know where you see yourself as a part of the Overcome Church family. Everyone has a purpose, a passion, and a place. Where is yours?


All of us are a piece of the puzzle as we shift into high gear.  As we are in this season of waiting let us shift our hearts into overdrive as we serve our church and our Lord!  There are many places to serve below.  Let us know where you fit in!



Sign up today!

It might be a phone call, a written note, a birthday card, or just a text that letting our church families know they are loved! I thrive on small acts of kindness and would be interested in working with a team of people to care for those in need within our church family!
It would be my pleasure to pray for my church family. I would be interested in calling someone before surgery, travel, or any life experience where a prayer warrior would be called in. I understand the confidentially and nature of a prayer request and would honor that as I walked alongside my church family in prayer.
I would love to read a Bible verse during service or share my personal testimony of a life in Christ.
Administrative, building, setting up, designing, creating if it’s a project I’m all in!
If it’s facilitating a small group or leading a Bible Study that gets me excited! I know I don’t have to be a scholar; only a follower with a willing spirit and solid curriculum and the Lord will do the rest!
I love determining how our church can come alongside and serve a need in our community, city, nation, or across the globe! It might be a building project, food ministry, serving with a missions organization, and more! When it comes to loving and serving my neighbor this is my go zone!