In 2021 something amazing happened.  Overcome Church was led to visit a mission in Honduras, and serve people we had never met.  This mission called HOUSE OF HOPE, was founded by Paul and Candy Schmuker.  We met Paul many years ago and had been assisting with monthly payments to help him feed children and families each week.  We also helped him purchase land for a garden, and helped him build the feeding center itself.  However, with Covid we never thought we would actually visit this area of the world to see our giving at work. 


To make a long story short we had decided to not go in 2021 and wait until 2022.  God had other plans!  Through the efforts of Phyllis Miller we organized a team of fifteen men and women of all ages, and the Holy Spirit reignited a passion to be a part of this mission person to person.  Believe me we had many obstacles put in our way.  Some church members even left us because of the decision.  But our promise was never to step in front of what the Holy Spirit was doing and how He was leading in the heart of another person.  We could not deny that was happening with Phyllis and the desire to serve this part of the world.


Below is a timeline of the events that took place.  You will see pictures, video, and narratives to go along with each.  Most of all, you will see a small church doing big things!  When God’s hands are in it they are always glorious.  We hope you will get a taste of the journey, and maybe it will inspire you to jump into missions both here and abroad.  With God anything is possible!



We came together with the one goal to serve alongside Paul and Candy Schmuker.  Paul started HOUSE OF HOPE in Honduras with one purpose…to feed and minister to a broken community.  We gave money and resources, but we finally had the opportunity to go.  With prayer, faith, and determination our team was truly put together by God.  It is a team of all ages and all with a passion to serve any and all.  



Below are some pictures of the realities of poverty, loss of hope, desperation, and depravity of the people we serve.  Yet, in it all we found God’s love, joy, and thankfulness in all we met!  Truly incredible!



After being in Honduras for a while we had some of the team members share their thoughts.  Sometimes it is hard to put into words when you see things for the first time.  It came from their hearts because that’s what brought them here!