We have had some incredible conversations during our Community Group time in Canton and Peachtree City. Our discussion has been around setting the RESET on our lives by shifting our DIRECTION to that which gives life, our daily bread, the living and breathing WORD of God and sustainer of strength, JESUS. The Lord placed this thought on my heart back in November and I decided to repost based on our discussions this week. “Iron sharpens iron”, what a blessing to engage, encourage and equip one another in community as we grow in our faith!

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” I took this picture a couple years ago and it resonated with my spirit because I was in a position where I had to leave much in my rear view mirror and move forward in faith. Today this picture speaks to my spirit in a new way. Often times what we see is a perception, a thought that begins to manipulate our ability to reason and a perception becomes a reality.

Someone very close to me saw an obese figure in the mirror, when in reality she weighed 52lbs. at barely 5 ft. tall and at the age of 17. She was eventually diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Her perception of the image she saw in the mirror was what drove her choices and decisions, the reality was she was starving herself literally to death. 2lbs more and her internal organs would shut down. Nobody could convince her of the reality of truth; her perception was destroying her. How often do we allow perception to become our reality and taint our viewpoint? I’ll never forget the eyes of judgement when we were in public together. It was heart wrenching to see people pass by and stare and whisper. The truth is I saw a sister, a friend, someone I grew up with and admired, in reality she was a beautiful and suffering spirit. Why did others not see what I saw? Perception can strangle our compassion, destroy relationships, crumble organizations, devour truth and damage that which gives life.

Just like the side view mirror reminds us that what is perceived in the viewpoint is not always reality to the circumstance. “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”, we make choices and decisions often based on a skewed perspective and starve ourselves from reality.

Where do you need to leave perspective behind and press toward a new reality that breathes life into your weary soul? What happens when we shift our focus toward our Creator, sustainer and Savior? Sometimes we must look in a new direction, press the RESET, leave the old behind in order to press into our potential and live in our purpose. Let’s let go and let God, loosen our grip on what is in our rear view mirror, shift our focus from the side view mirror and look ahead – allowing the Lord to give us our daily bread spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

Blessings on your day,
Pastor Sherri

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