Jesus Did It


21 Day Challenge – SOUL WALK!

PURPOSE – Here we want to examine life at 3 mph walking and talking with Jesus as we tend to our soul.  We can do this alone or in community. 


MISSION – We have attached an incredible mission opportunity with your walk.  This is how it will go.  First, we want you to collect gently used shoes and bring them to our celebration days on May 22nd and May 23rd.  We will be donating these shoes to  Soles4Souls Shoe Collection.  The shoes will then be distributed around the world to give to those in need.  Second, we are asking you to gather people that will sponsor you on your walking challenge.  The money you raise will go to buy NEW SHOES for FOSTER CARE KIDS for their Back To School. 


INVITATION –  We believe this is a great way to invite others to engage in soul care and getting healthy; heart, mind, soul, and strength.  A lot of times we introduce people to Jesus through the church.  Here we want to introduce Jesus through mission and witness.  Make the invitation for people to walk with you throughout the week.  Get people to donate their gently used shoes.  Get people to sponsor you on your walk.  All of these ways help people who might not have a church see the church in action.


WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? – Anybody, anywhere, and all ages!  So set your goal (miles or minutes) and join the challenge of SOUL WALK!  This means friends and families from different states as well.  Let’s gather everyone to take care of their soul and watch what God can do!


WHERE ARE THE COMMUNITY WALKS?:  If you are in Canton we will walk the trail every Saturday at 9:30am in Woodstock where the trail starts.  It is right next to Reformation Brewery.  If you are in PTC then we will meet at 5pm to walk the lake every Sunday.  On both walks there will be a time to talk to one another, have a devotional, and have quiet time with Jesus.  It’s a blast!!