Every morning I get up and on my way to get coffee and I am greeted, at times, by a lady that holds a stop sign up so that school traffic can pass through more easily.  I couldn’t stand this at first.  Often I was in a hurry and I needed to get to where I was going.  Sometimes I would be in the back of the line and the line would start moving.  I would think I was going to get through, but the lady would hold up her STOP sign right in front of my car.  Uggghh!  It really bugged me…A LOT!


Now I love it.  In fact, I give her a friendly honk and she has the most beautiful smile that comes across her face.  I even play a game that I can get a certain distance and still honk my horn and watch her wave in my rear view mirror.  We don’t know each other’s name, but she knows my car and I know her STOP sign.


It is the same with God.  I see Him operating in the world and in my life.  I know He is there for me.  I know He created me.  I see His work as I gaze in wonderment over the landscapes of this beautiful world.  I see His majesty in the complexity of how my body, mind and spirit work together so beautifully.  I know Him, because He is there opening up doors, creating opportunities and, yes, holding up that stop sign when things get out of control.


There might be a point in life when you were like UGGHHH, “Why does God hold up that blasted stop sign just when I think things are going well!”  Sometimes you wish God didn’t remind you of when to put on the brakes or when to slow down.  It annoys us when we can’t go at mach 10 in the direction we want to go.  Yet, what if God wasn’t reminding us?  What if God decided to just not show up one day and didn’t put His hand upon our life?  What if His love didn’t continue to reach down and encourage, uplift and help?  I think about that and then I think about when that young lady is not out there with her STOP sign.  Do you realize how many wrecks there are at that one intersection?  Without that young lady warning us all to slow down, terrible things happen.


Everyday is an opportunity to slow down.  I am afraid some of us have not.  You are still doing it your way.  Still loving your way, forgiving your way, helping and serving your way.  I hope  we will put a brake on our life once and for all.  I hope we will give thanks for the STOP signs that God places in our way.  I hope we will rejoice knowing we have a God that loves and cares for us that much.


I will soon stop and say “hey” to my STOP sign friend.  I will introduce myself.  I probably will, as you know me, give her a great big hug and smile and say, “Thanks for making me put on the brakes!”  Take time to thank God for the same.  Let Him into your heart as we approach Holy Week.  Let His love melt your fear, anger and valley down to nothing.  He loves you.  He always has.  He always will.


Love and passion,


Rev. Jim

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