Churches are no different than cultures.  They tend to move in certain directions.  They follow trends, and pay attention to what attracts people.  In the Church today we see several trends that churches follow from which we want to break loose. 


    We find that many churches put religion and orthodoxy over grace and love. We saw Paul's churches in the New Testament struggling with this. In fact, religion and orthodoxy have been used to hurt so many people that we have seen Christians called hypocrites. At Overcome we choose love, grace, hope, acceptance, and Jesus over all manmade mandates.


    We have struggled with this a lot, but we are excited how God is leading us. We see the trends of multi-campus churches to watch a pastor on a screen and listen to live music. We have been led by God to reverse that trend. We want to lift up a live message, and watch music on a screen. This enables us to save thousands of dollars that we can now put into missions and serving a broken world. It works for us, and we believe that it takes us out of the temptation to entertain instead of worship.


    We believe in equipping the saints for the work of the Kingdom of God. Too often people revere a pastor, a personality, and we end up putting worship leaders on a pedestal. At Overcome we are about making God's Word first and foremost, and equipping the church to do the work. When done right EVERYONE becomes a minister for the ministry of Jesus, and we come together as a church family.


    We believe Jesus is Lord, and our way to salvation. We preach that, we live that, we love that. Unfortunately, today's church seems to be more about us than Jesus. We tend to care about our own feelings more than others. When we do that we tend to always look inward instead of into the hearts of others. However, at Overcome we are a church that wants to have MORE JESUS, and introduce people to that same love and grace that is missing in a very cruel and judging world. We want everyone to know that grace and love wins over any lie, mistake, or brokenness a person lives in. At Overcome we are sharing that every day. We are teaching everyone LESS US/MORE JESUS…it's working too!

Yes, we are a real Acts 2 church.  We are not bound by production, lights, and all the other trappings.  We are a church that knows one another.  We call that “family.”  This might be a bad word in a world where we call our cell phones family, but it works for us.  We are also a church that serves.  We like to work.  We like to get busy.  We like to take the initiative and fill the need.  This might not attract thousands, but we know this will attract those who want to love Jesus and love people.  We hope you will want that too! 

See you at Overcome!!