I remember worshiping with a group of pastors down in Zebulon.  Zebulon…what kind of name is that?  I mean who thinks to name their city that?  So I pondered it, thought about it, then of course, I GOOGLED IT!  I knew first off that it was one of the tribes of Israel, but I also found out that Zebulon is a Hebrew name and it means exalted and greatly honored.  Let me tie that back into my worship experience.


There I sat waiting for the meeting to begin and a praise band came out and the leader of the band said to us all, “Welcome, it is time for us to feed YOU!”  What he meant by that was that after all the work of the church is done, the people are ministered to, and all the rest, it was high time we got fed too!  You know something…I needed it.  It reminded me of something that I am constantly telling you…GOD LOVES YOU!  Then I started to think about Zebulon…exalted and greatly honored.  That is exactly what I felt like in worship last night.  I felt lifted up.  I felt honored.  I felt like God’s love and attention was focused on nothing but me…and you know something…IT WAS!


I was reminded that God lifts me up and gives me a special place of honor.  He loves me that much.  I was reminded that God honors my existence and my life and has paid an incredible price for me to enjoy it today.  I drove home energized and feeling excited like never before.  I was reminded of something very special and I hope I never forget it…GOD LOVES LIL’ OLE ME TOO!


Now what wouldn’t you do for someone you love?  How far would you go?  How much would you sacrifice?  But how far would you go for someone you didn’t know?  How much would you give then?


I hope we will keep that weird little word ZEBULON in our hearts for a while.  We are exalted, lifted up, honored.  But you know something incredible…God does the same for the least of the Kingdom too.  You know something else…He asks us to do the same thing.


So today let your world be a little different.  Let it be a little bigger.  Let it be a little brighter.  Let’s see the need around us.  Let’s remember what an incredible thing God has done for you and me and let’s now go into our community, family, and workplace and do the same for others!  Let’s go and lift up, exalt, honor, feed, love, minister to all those we meet.  Can’t wait to experience it again on Sunday with you!




Rev. Jim

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