Our leaders are gospel-centered and grace-driven, and all are devoted to the spiritual health and well-being of all that walk through the doors.

Loving, God-centered, Grace-filled


  • Rev. JIm

    Rev. Jim has had an amazing ministry, and now it just gets even better. His style of preaching continues to move people to transform their lives, and challenges them to go against the current of the world. He loves serving people in real need, and feels a special calling to pursue the least in the world. He continues to lead people with an open heart, a spirit of laughter, and a life of grace. You can email Rev. Jim at jim.mcrae@overcomechurch.com

  • Pastor Sherri

    Jesus revealed himself to Pastor Sherri in such a profound way that it captivated her spirit and propelled her passion to walk out the call of loving, serving and leading others toward the redeemer and restorer of all that is broken. Pastor Sherri is an OVERCOMER in Christ giving him all honor and glory as He continues to fill in the broken pieces making all things new. Her story is one that has cultivated a heart of compassion and an ability to see beyond situation and circumstance into the heart of the person, the root of the suffering, and the truth of the one that has OVERCOME the world and can and will OVERCOME the challenges in our lives, Jesus! You can email Pastor Sherri at sherri.juliani@overcomechurch.com