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Sermon Series

Throughout history letters have held a significant purpose in our communication with one another. The penned letter was a treasure to the families desperately waiting to hear from their soldiers at war. The penned letter in a mailbox always brought anticipation of what words were beneath the sealed envelope. The penned letters from the Apostle Paul were no different. Paul’s letters brought encouragement to his church and the people that gathered in the name of Jesus. Paul’s letters brought instruction so that the church could stay healthy and growing in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Paul’s letters had one thing in common, a greeting of grace and peace. But most of all, Paul issued a challenge to all his churches.  That is why we want to do the same.  We are starting a campaign called #CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  We will ask our church each week to meet a challenge to reach out in love and service to their community.  The challenges start out simple and then get a little more challenging each week.  Below you will find them listed.  We hope you will want to meet the challenge as Paul did and make a difference in the life of others.   

  • WEEK 1 CHALLENGE:  Write a letter to someone in need.  Take a picture of it and post on social media with the hashtags #overcomechurch and #challengeaccepted. 
  • WEEK 2 CHALLENGE:  Buy food and deliver to the church for distribution to hard hit areas in our community.  We would like you to buy – Peanut butter, Canned soup, Canned fruit, Canned vegetables, Canned stew, Canned fish, Canned beans, Pasta, Spaghetti Sauce, Rice, and Oatmeal.  For the Canton location we are asking you to deliver the food on August 29th, at the Cherokee Charter School, at 11:00am.  We will distribute the food to the neighborhoods around 12:00pm.  For Peachtree City location we are asking you bring the food this Sunday, and we will take it to the local food pantry to fill their shelves for distribution.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!   
  • WEEK 3 CHALLENGE:  We have asked everyone to write their faith story.  How did you come to know the risen Lord, Jesus Christ?  Everyone has a story about this incredible transformation in their life.  What was your experience like?  We want you to write it down on one piece of paper so that it is short enough that you can tell someone else.  And this is the point…we want you to tell someone else!  Without a witness how will be come to know Jesus.  Our faith story is that witness to a broken world.  So write your moment down.  Learn it.  Share it.  Then watch what God will do with it!
  • WEEK 4 CHALLENGE:  Our prison ministry is born!  We are asking everyone to write a letter of inspiration to an inmate.  These letters will be placed in bibles and delivered to the prisons in Cherokee and Fayette Counties.  Nobody is allowed to go into the prisons due to Covid.  The one way these inmates receive the Good News is by us.  So write your letter of inspiration today…it could change a life!
  • WEEK 5 CHALLENGE:  We are taking our prison outreach one step further.  We want you to video yourself with your phone and make a personal video to an inmate.  It can be anything, but preferably we would like you to share you faith story.  Let us tell others how we overcome hurdles in our lives so that we might inspire others.  Let us let these men and women know they are not forgotten.  Make that video now, and watch what God can do!


Join us as we explore LETTERS and once again fall in love with the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus!  LET US ALL SAY #CHALLENGEACCEPTED!


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