At Overcome we love to share the Word of God.  We do so with authenticity, truth, and boldness.  When you leave Overcome you will hear the real and honest biblical truth that will change your life.  We know people are searching for less “candy” and wanting the real meat that will impact their lives. 



Sermon Series

What if you could live your best life even in the worst of times?  What if you could accomplish your goals and live out your dreams?  What if your walk with God was not just an idea, but a reality that allows you to live in an abundance never imagined before?  Over the next six weeks we are going to put our spirit on the starting line of 2021 and launch into a new way to live.  We will discover a new way to reset our lives once and for all.  We will finally seize a new attitude, vision, and passion for life.  So step up.  Step up to the starting line, and hear our Lord say, “Ready, Set, LIVE!”  The time is now!



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